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Thorne Vitamin D-5000 mg
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    Thorne Vitamin D-5000 mg

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    Vitamin D is an important immune system regulator for patients with celiac disease. Studies reveal that after following a gluten-free diet for two years, 25% of individuals still had a vitamin D deficiency. Inadequate vitamin D results in less intestinal absorption and consequent adverse effects on bone health.

    Thorne’s D-5,000 contains 5,000 IU of high-quality vitamin D3 and is NSF Certified for Sport®. Although it is well known that direct sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D, many individuals, especially the elderly, don’t get enough vitamin D from sunlight or from their diet. Be sure you get the vitamin D your body needs with Thorne’s easily absorbed Vitamin D-5,000.

    Benefits of Thorne’s Vitamin D-5000: 

    • Supports healthy teeth and bones*
    • Promotes lean muscle mass and helps maintain muscle strength*
    • Enhances the absorption and retention of calcium*
    • Supports healthy brain function*
    • Promotes cardiovascular health and immune function*
    • Formulated with vitamin D3, a more potent and better absorbed form than vitamin D2
    • Thorne’s vitamin D contains no lactose and no preservatives like BHT, BHA, sodium benzoate, and sorbic acid