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NIMA Partners Gluten Capsules
NIMA Partners Gluten Capsules

    NIMA Partners Gluten Capsules

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    Accurate and validated science. Each test capsule contains gluten-detecting chemistry engineered by MIT scientists and validated by 3rd parties.

    NEW!! We understand that our customers all have different needs. Therefore, we are implementing a new capsule program that allows you to purchase your capsules by expiration. If your are not sure which works for you here's a breakdown:

    1-month: Maybe you are newly diagnosed, navigating all your gluten-free options and you just love testing all the food! You are always on the go; traveling and exploring, because life is an adventure!

    2-months: Similar to 1-month but a little more seasoned, maybe you're more comfortable reading labels and communicating with waitstaff your dietary needs. You still love to travel and explore often.

    >3-months: Maybe you are the seasoned, celiac vet. Your kitchen is already dedicated gluten-free, you travel or dine-out on occasion. You don't test as often. 

    *Please note, capsules have a 30 day guarantee from date of order unless otherwise specified through a promotion or special offering. 

    -Each box contains 6 test capsules

    -Gluten sensor required for testing.

    -Capsules are non-refundable, please see return policy.


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