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Quickstart Guide

NIMA Partners

Gluten Sensor Quick Start Guide


Online Manual

This is only a Quick Start Guide (QSG) and should be used as supplemental information to the full NIMA Partners Gluten Sensor Manual — Do not use this device before reading the full online user manual.

Product Limits

NIMA Partners is another tool to help you understand if there is gluten protein in your food. NIMA Partners is intended on use of food and beverages only. NIMA Partners only tests the sample that is placed in the device and therefore NIMA Partners does not guarantee your entire item or dish is gluten-free. Please use your best judgment when consuming food. To learn more please see the NIMA Partners Gluten Sensor Manual.

The Basics
How to Turn On/Off
Press NIMA Partners button to turn it on. NIMA Partners will automatically go to sleep no need to turn it off.

See Last Test Result
If you missed your last result, turn NIMA Partners on and wait a few seconds. Test results appear on NIMA Partners screen. The NIMA Partners app also shows all your results when paired.

Capsule Storage Tips
Store capsules between 32°F (0°C) and 90°F (32°C). Capsules can only be used once. Please discard old capsules in the trash. Check the expiration date on the back of the capsule prior to use.
How To Test
Twist off the top of a new capsule. Using a clean hand or utensil, put a pea-sized amount of food into the capsule.

Fully close the capsule top. As you twist, you'll feel a pop. Continue twisting until you can't see the green ring anymore and the top's edge is aligned with the side.

Insert the capsule into the sensor until you feel a click. Push Nima's button to turn it on. Push it again to start the test. In a few minutes, the screen will show the result.

Gluten Sensor Icons
NIMA Partners Science
NIMA Partners antibody-based chemistry was developed to detect traces of gluten protein in your food. NIMA Partners is optimized to test for gluten at 20 ppm and above. Regardless of gluten concentration, if NIMA Partners detects gluten, the result will be Gluten Found.

Labeling can vary by country so a Gluten Found result may indicate gluten levels less than 20 ppm, which may technically be gluten free by local standards. We offer tips for dealing with Gluten Found results in the manual: nimapartners.com/pages/gluten-manual

NIMA Partners cannot test these foods:
Fermented foods (like soy sauce and beer), alcohol (like wine and hard liquor), and few other foods. Find a full list of foods by visiting: nimapartners.com/gluten/manual Nima hasn't been validated for non foods like cosmetics and medicines.