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Our Team

Erika Macchione

Director of Marketing and Communications

Sarah Josephson

Manager, Customer Solutions

Amanda Vargas

VP, Corporate Business Development

Erika Schlick

Sr. Educational Advisor

Anne Moon

Sr. Director, Strategic Alliances and Key Accounts

David DellaFave

25 years ago, our CEO, David DellaFave, set out into the world of healthcare.  At the time, David had just lost his mother to cancer and was looking for an opportunity to be a part of something special that could impact the lives of people and provide a product that could keep family members healthy and happy for years and years.  At NIMA Partners, David’s goal is to ensure the best quality of life to all the lives we reach. Not just through our products, but by our overall approach to providing tools and resources that focus on a holistic view to living with any disease state.

Through his leadership experiences at In Vitro Diagnostic Laboratory companies like Abbott Laboratories, Bayer Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Start-Up Healthcare Companies based out of the Johns Hopkins University Medical Think-Tank, and through his own Healthcare Consulting Business, David has seen the healthcare vertical through a few different lenses.  These lenses have enabled David to challenge the status quo, think different, and continually look for innovative ways of increasing the level of service that is provided to the consumer or patient.

As CEO and Founder of NIMA Partners, you can count on David to prioritize you.  He will always be transparent in his approach with the company and work tirelessly to provide more than just a product to those that suffer from Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance, and other food-based allergies.

By aligning with Key Opinion Leaders, Strategic Business Partners, as well as organizations centered around Food Allergies, David will bring a holistic approach to NIMA Partners that focuses on the Ecosystem that each of you live in each day.    It is his goal that he is surrounded by talented people who bring the highest level of science, technology, customer service, and trust to the customer.  David knows that the Voice of the Customer is one of the most important facets of running a great company.