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Our Story

Who We Are

Here at NIMA Partners, we are an ambitious team of individuals that are passionate about health and wellness and understand the challenges of the celiac disease and gluten intolerant community. Many of us are either living a gluten-free lifestyle or supporting a loved one who is. One thing we know for sure ... it's not easy!

We spend most of our days trying to find solutions to accommodate our dietary needs without having to sacrifice the quality of life that everyone deserves. The NIMA Partners gluten sensor offers an alternative approach that supports holistic living. It empowers those on a gluten-free journey to feel more confident in exploring their meal options, and enthusiastic in taking another bite towards living their best life.

What We Do

We are here to listen, to learn, to inform and to educate but most importantly, we are here to change the healthcare landscape by providing a product that will keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy. Our gluten sensor is not only the world's first connected food sensor but a reliable, portable tool to help detect what you can’t see… the cross-contact and cross contamination of gluten into your food. Our NIMA Partners gluten sensor can detect 20 ppm (parts per million) of gluten, and we are working hard to deliver the same reliable, trustworthy technology to all major food allergens. 

We are not a medical device, we are an additional resource, an added layer of protection and a trustworthy assistant for your gluten-free journey. We can’t do this alone, but we can do it with you. We know the hard work you do every day, and we want to help make your life a little easier while you’re at it.


NIMA Partners is built on clear, concise, and transparent communications about our products, orders, upgrades, developments, and the market. Integrity is at the heart of our company, and we believe that all information that can or will impact our customers should be presented up front.


We are proud to provide the highest quality in our products, processes, and service. Commitment to delivering at the highest level for our customers, associates and partners is our top priority.


Challenging the status quo, thinking differently, and creating new value to our customers; while at the same time, staying a step ahead in this ever-changing healthcare market. Doing this will allow us to impact the quality of life for people in a positive manner.


We are committed to developing better solutions for our customers and making continuous improvements to our products and brand. We are receptive to new ideas that will help us perform more efficiently and challenge us to be better at what we do so that we can be the best for our customers and the gluten-free community. These ideas do not just come from us, but from our customers as well. We are in this together.

Diversity + Inclusion

We will foster a culture of respect, where all associates and customers will feel valued, supported, and welcome to bring different perspectives, thoughts, and ideas to the table. We will nurture our environment through a sense of connection and pride.