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Meet the Experts

The NIMA Partners Education Team strives to provide more resources and education through our Meet the Expert Interviews. 

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

All About Gluten Testing

The endoscopy is the gold standard for diagnosing Celiac Disease but in this session we dive deep with Dr. Tom about additional testing available to track our healing and how gluten might be affecting other systems in our body.

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Dr. Sara Whitney

The Effects of Gluten on the Gut
& Immune System

Dr. Sara dives deep into how gluten affects our immune system and gut and what we can do to mitigate the damage.

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Dr. Ashley Beckman

Root Causes Contributing To Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease

For most, gluten sensitivity or celiac disease does not happen overnight. It is often years of pre-conditions that finally trigger our immune system to react to gluten. We dive deep with Dr Ashely on what some of those root causes could be.

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Gluten in Dentistry

Most of us may not think that we have to worry about gluten at the dentist or in dental products like retainers or mouth-guards, but the reality is we do and Dr. Pana shares all the hidden places you may find gluten at a dental practice and how to properly test with your dentist using your NIMA Partners Sensor.

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Jeffrey Smith

GMO's and Their Effects on
Gluten Sensitivity

Jeffrey Smith educates us on how GMO's are effecting our health and lives through celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and other allergies.

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Dr. Moses Laufer

Gluten and the Thyroid

How important is it to be gluten-free if you have a thyroid condition? Dr Laufer shares his knowledge on how gluten can affect our thyroid and how our diet can affect our thyroid health.

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Kim Rogers

Diving Deep Into Parasites

Could parasites be the hidden cause of your gut and health issues? Learn all about why its important to cleanse and be aware of these hidden creatures.

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Justine Stenger

Healing Our Gut From Within

In this episode we cover all things leaky gut and how to heal on a cellular level with Justine Stenger.

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Dr. Jaban Moore

Using Root Cause Medicine to Heal
In this episode we discuss functional medicine, searching for the root causes of illnesses and treating them with natural protocols.

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Dr. Kent Holtorf

Peptides and Their Role In Immunity
& Gut Health

Dr. Holtorf shares his wealth of knowledge on peptide therapy and how this can be a tool for those suffering with gluten intolerance, celiac disease and other immune and gut issues.

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