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Erika Schlick
Sr. Educational Advisor

Erika’s why:

Erika has been gluten-free since 2012 and has experienced firsthand how difficult it is to be truly gluten-free. NIMA Partners brings back joy and freedom to your everyday life and feeling safe in a gluten-filled world that would is not possible without it. She feels passionate about sharing her own experience and helping others on their own gluten-free journey and shows us how you can travel and thrive when NIMA Partners takes your first bite.

Erika Schlick is a nationally recognized cookbook author and blogger as well as an IIN Certified Health Coach. She began her trail to health in 2012 after becoming chronically ill with Lyme Disease, Mold, Heavy Metals and multiple Autoimmune conditions including Celiac Disease. What followed was a five-year journey toward remission through various treatments as well as lifestyle and dietary changes. Once a licensed Architect, Erika found her calling and passion in helping others heal from chronic and autoimmune diseases and living and thriving in their new normal. She shares her journey and tips for healthy gluten free living on her blog, The Trail To Health, which is a place of health and healing through healthy living and clean eating. Erika lives in Los Angeles, CA and enjoys cooking, spending time with her fiancé, 2 French Bulldogs and traveling the world.